Thursday, April 9, 2020

THE AUTHOR OF LOVE © Poetry By Derrick Pringle Sr.


You can't love anyone or anything, if you don't first love yourself, because you are responsible for your destiny, no one else. What you considered The worst thing that happened to you is the best thing because there are great values in the lessons things bring. Love is endless and it has no value, love is given and stands still like a statue. It can't be beaten, it cant be weakened, as the understanding of it has no depletion. I am love, I am all that it brings, like the harmony of a beautiful melody and the graceful song it sings. Love makes no mistakes, although you can feel as if it's your heart it breaks.

Your heart is an organ, so in reality, the effects deal with your soul, and just know, its something that you can't control. Release yourself, go with its unlimitedness and let go. Everything is driven by love, all that you see, hear, smell, touch, and know, as its extremely powerful. Love is the parent of pain, as you should know its the only thing that can drive you insane. Love is your salvation, and at the same time can have you feel as if it's your degradation.

Just because they don't love you the way they should or supposed to, shouldn't dictate what's required of you. nothing good comes easy as love is, and most times you might not receive the love you give. Most times the right thing is the hardest thing to do, although, of your destiny, the responsibility is up to you. You may cry, shed tears and think that it wasn't made for you, however, it's reflected in everything you do.

No matter if it's positive or negative, the purpose of all your actions is for what you love, and in its end you give. God is love and of love is God, as everything is the opposite of what it is, understanding love can sometimes be so hard. Love can make you feel as if its something you don't desire because it can appear to distribute hurt and burn like fire.

However, it only loves love and can't subtract, Because love doesn't hurt or put you on the defense, and most of all love doesn't offend with an attack. If you've ever experienced this wonderful gift that has you uplift, you'll know what it is, and how it feels, understanding its real. I remember the days before I met God, being lost, and not knowing where I was. I found myself by myself and that's how I found myself, looking above, I became the writer, a righteous man, so God-ordained me the author of love. Written by Derrick Pringle Sr. Copyright © 2018 Derrick Pringle Sr. All Rights Reserved

Influenced by the experiences and the spiritual revelations of its author, and the belief of inspiring and educating humanity. By reading Elevation Above Status “inspirations”, The author is sure you will have a different outlook on life, greater spiritual connection with your soul, receive multiple confirmations on previous life experience conclusions and use many of the teachings in your everyday Activities.
In 2009, the President of Variable Enhancement Services founded and written a program called Elevation Above Status, designated towards uplifting spirits and giving individuals a better outlook on life, motivating their ability to make appropriate decisions pertaining to life's long accomplishments. In 2010 Derrick Pringle Sr. began to write what he know to become inspirational elevations. These elevations soon became the handbook issued to program members who suddenly became very enlightened by the lessons learned. Get your copy today!

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