Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dream your birth: Become all that you dream and dream all you can become.

Everyday you awake you are born again, an assurance to you it’s not the end, finding the point of your love and realizing what can bring you through your times of frustration is becomes evident in your mind.

 Concentrating on Taking your world by storm is something you should always do, when provided with the guidance of the word. understanding  that the words are the weapons which will conquer all of your battles will prove to be your power.

 Forgetting where you came from will subtract from the lessons you've learned, which gave you the knowledge you have today. To get you to where you’re going, you must know, your past is the embodiment of your present and it is just as valuable, whether good or bad.

 Turmoil, controversy and destruction bring forth the desire for change and change brings forth salvation. Everything that was old comes to an end and your new life will begin, you can become all that you dream and you should dream all that you can become.
Your life is as beautiful as you can vision and nothing should be able to blind you from living.. for all of the pain and frustration to end, you must be born again and live your dreams. Dream your birth.

Written by Derrick D Pringle Sr

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