Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The power of concern heals the mind body and soul

When you’re going through anything in life, no one is concerned unless it affects them. Your feelings only mean something to people that really love you and yourself; No one else cares. Whatever happens to you will just happen and, they will just continue on with Their life as usual, like nothing ever took place. Why should they care? This is the first thing they would ask themselves.

 A person should always care because everyone is a subject of the same environment and no one is exempt from life situations, it could easily be them, then they also would feel as if someone else should care. Understanding this would have you take other people in consideration and treat everyone with a sense of concern... Everyone needs someone, whether it’s physically, financially or emotional support, feeling the need for comfort is natural for all living and seeing someone in any situation is just like seeing yourself, so why not care?

 The power of concern is really healing and would have a long lasting positive effect on many lives. There is no room for being selfish in the world of righteousness, knowing you need the same as any other human, also having the exact same senses in life. When you were born you knew nothing and had to be given everything, like learning how to walk, talk, eat and even think appropriately dress yourself etc. Everything you achieved was because someone had consideration for you. By Derrick D Pringle Sr

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