Tuesday, July 10, 2018

LIVING IN MY EUPHORIA (Poem) By Derrick Pringle Sr ©


Today we smile, meanwhile the enemy lays low, waiting on you to break your productive flow. It’s really out of order how reality sets in, and all of what you thought you knew, wasn’t real back then, your friends, your plans, your perception and most of all your condition, all keeping you captive, and in a position to not listen. The growth of your understanding is rising to a more powerful landing, as you flourish in the lavish beauty of truth; you’re now able to see exactly where you’ve been standing.

Know that you are invincible, and nothing or anyone can take your ability, as you take advantage of joy and remain in your serenity. It is now evident; of peace, love and laughter, you’ve became a resident. You are polished, cleaned up and renewed, because in the highest moment of darkness, it was the light you pursued. I’m going to always be confronted with challenge, and from those moments; I’ll be able to construct necessary balance.

I believe fear, at one point in time; had a hold on me, but eventually I was able to get free. I remember; all of the days of frustration, unhappiness, confusion and agitation. They are gone now, and I’m so far removed from that location. Understanding, gratefulness, hope, peace, belief and faith now occupy that place, as all negative emotions has no trace. I’m a true champion, leader, solider, gladiator and warrior, as I have been rejuvenated in an extravagant essence, while living in my euphoria. Get Your Copy Today!

Written by Derrick Pringle Sr.
Copyright © 2018 Derrick Pringle Sr. All Rights Reserved

Influenced by the experiences and the spiritual revelations of its author, and the belief of inspiring and educating humanity. By reading Elevation Above Status “inspirations”, The author is sure you will have a different outlook on life, greater spiritual connection with your soul, receive multiple confirmations on previous life experience conclusions and use many of the teachings in your everyday Activities.

In 2009, the President of Variable Enhancement Services founded and written a program called Elevation Above Status, designated towards uplifting spirits and giving individuals a better outlook on life, motivating their ability to make appropriate decisions pertaining to life's long accomplishments. In 2010 Derrick Pringle Sr. began to write what he know to become inspirational elevations. These elevations soon became the handbook issued to program members who suddenly became very enlightened by the lessons learned. Get your copy today!

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