Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stranger: A Stranger does no harm, Its your friend that's going to hurt you.

An image, a person with no facial visual and no knowledge of who they are. This can be scary to most people because it falls into the category of what they don’t understand or know. Fear is the first thing that enters the brain. Why? Where did you get that from? If you don’t know something it should only make you curious, not scared, because often, what you don’t know won’t hurt you. Besides, they don’t know you either, so the feeling is mutual.

Strangers are very under rated and don’t get the credit they deserve. A stranger can make you feel better than people who call themselves loving you; they don’t discriminate on who you are. Strangers don’t judge you or dictate false information about you, because they don’t know you. When meeting a stranger you have the opportunity to present yourself as you are and not be looked on as changing or representing a false image, you can be yourself. Strangers don’t have a conflict of interest in anything pertaining to you and will give you the best advice. It seems as if a stranger can be the best friend to have, as long as they remain a stranger. When you want to get closer to them and like whom they are, you now become subjected to disappointment and pain, which comes from people you are close to. It really sounds strange, but as you can see strange can be good, so why not understand and give credit where it is do. The next time you meet a stranger, acknowledge the potentials they have and know it's best sometimes for them to remain a stranger.

Written by Derrick D Pringle Sr

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