Thursday, January 19, 2017

THE WORDS OF A MAN © By Derrick Pringle Sr.

He sits in the room full of gloom, contemplating deeply on how to presume, his life is really ruff and the struggle is getting tough, thinking about his family and how he could ever provide enough, finances are very low, his progress is moving slow, times are getting harder than people could ever know, his wife doesn’t understand, he’s trying to be all the man that he can, but chances are very slim, and it seems like there is no success in the world for him, he attempts to be discreet, although his spirit is getting week, his wife enters the room and she begins to speak,

“ This don’t make no sense and you need to get a job, on top of all that, you have been living like a slob, you don’t clean up behind yourself, and you think you have a maid, this is not the 17th century and I’m defiantly not a slave, your still not getting paid and the bills are stacking high, it seems as if with life your afraid and you don’t even try, I’m married to you but I ask myself why, your like a sorry excuse for a man and on my two feet only we stand, I take care of the house and kids all by myself and it’s by the grace of God I can, as things get thick, you make me sick and the sight of you I cant stand”. He looks for a moment with a sign of despair, trying to find the words but all he can do is stare, his wife means the world to him and all he do is for her and his kids, although he knows she doesn’t understand how hard it is for him to live, accepting the rejection from all potential jobs, trying to break the cycle, although this deli-ma proceeds to revolve, nothing appears to be changing and there’s nothing’s given free, he hesitates for a moment but then he begins to speak,”

I love you honey, more than words can explain, your discrepancies bother me and I know it’s not a game, I pray, wish and hope for the success, I’ve given this my all and I’m doing my best, I feel bad as a man and I’m doing all that I know, my heart is bleeding tears, although my eyes don’t let them flow, God see’s my heart is pure, with all this pain that I endure, I also ask myself sometimes, what is all this really for, I see no appreciation, your my wife with no relation, I’m tired of this sad song and I want to turn the station, this same old sick band, playing this tune which I cant stand, whats even worst my wife cant hear the words of a man.

Written by Derrick Pringle Sr.
Copyright © 2013 Derrick Pringle Sr. All Rights Reserved

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