Saturday, October 6, 2018

Something Is Better Than Nothing ©


I complain, I wish sometimes would disappear, but in all reality, I need to be grateful for the blessing of them being here, this is hard and this is strange, although I feel like it’s not good for me, I’m afraid of change. Most of the time, I’m feeling all alone, a bottle or a substance I call my home, I’m bigger than what I believe, and my sight is further than what I can see, there is a weight holding me down and all I want to do is grieve. It seems everything is gone, it’s hard to move on, and I can’t stop blaming myself for all that went wrong.

Where is my God? This is all I need to know, the presence of him would help me grow, I feel no cure, although, my heart is pure, this dilemma and pain is something I must endure. My life is righteous and my future is bright and with this knowledge I embrace the will to fight. I feel they all hate me, although this is not true, I should be grateful for the challenges I've been through.

I’m better now and my souls at peace, because I've learned about the pain and what I need to release, It’s the memories that have me cry, it’s the memories to which I don’t want to say goodbye, It’s the memories that attempt to kills my dreams, although I should know everything is never what they appear or seem. I know my strength and I follow my passions, I’ll stay strong, no matter what happens. I can’t be defeated because my God is cunning, although the worst will never stop coming, I’ll stay put, from my fears I’ll stop running, because if I didn't know then, I know now, something is better than nothing. Get Your Copy Today!

Written by Derrick Pringle Sr. Copyright © 2014 Derrick Pringle Sr. All Rights Reserved

Influenced by the experiences and the spiritual revelations of its author, and the belief of inspiring and educating humanity. By reading Elevation Above Status “inspirations”, The author is sure you will have a different outlook on life, greater spiritual connection with your soul, receive multiple confirmations on previous life experience conclusions and use many of the teachings in your everyday Activities.
In 2009, the President of Variable Enhancement Services founded and written a program called Elevation Above Status, designated towards uplifting spirits and giving individuals a better outlook on life, motivating their ability to make appropriate decisions pertaining to life's long accomplishments. In 2010 Derrick Pringle Sr. began to write what he know to become inspirational elevations. These elevations soon became the handbook issued to program members who suddenly became very enlightened by the lessons learned. Get your copy today!

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