Saturday, November 17, 2018

How Much Of This Is Enough © (Poem) By Derrick Pringle Sr.

Your putting your heart on the table, while keeping your soul on track, always looking forward, while your spirit is under attack, the days seem short and the nights appear endless, your prayers ask God will he ever end this. I’m blinded and can barley see, feeling like I don’t want to continue being me, the life I’m living is the best I know how, wondering where I would be, if I knew before, what I know now.

This pain is real, although, to hurt I'm no stranger, I wish this on no soul, as I feel so much anger, I'm a righteous soul and I feel so alone, vulnerable like a child, although fully grown, thinking about others and all they have to endure, cherishing the little things in life and being grateful to be poor, the more you have is the most you have to loose, finding yourself in a position with a difficult choice to choose.

No one is exempt, as we are all the same, praying to God and pleading for a change, we need to see the light as the roads are getting rough, our faith is being challenged, as living is getting tough, the damage is defiantly done, although we have given our trust, while asking ourselves, how much of this is enough.

Get Your Copy Today! Written by Derrick Pringle Sr. Copyright © 2018 Derrick Pringle Sr. All Rights Reserved

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