Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Losing a Mother Is A lost Like no other: By Derrick D Pringle Sr.

Losing a Mother Is A Lost Like No Other: Dedicated to all lost mothers

O dear Mother how I love you so much, and all I can remember is your loving touch, the days when I was weak you helped me win, staying by my side through thick and thin. For all my days and even after I’m gone, I'll keep your memory alive as I've done since I was born, My pain is deep Ma', because you’re not here with me, and it keeps hurting, that I cry so much, I can barely see. I'll try my best to hold out my chest, and move life forward knowing I'm blessed. I will compare women of my choice, as I've known you to be, giving love, assistance and respect, because it's totally free. 

You have a heart that heals all wounds, and I deeply feel that you were taken too soon. The pain in my heart will ache for a while, now I know what it’s like for a mother to lose a child. Someone who cherishes you and there mind, body and soul is your home, leaving you to never imagine you'll ever be alone. There are people who love and care about me; but none like my mother who adores and cherish the air I breathe. I feel as if I can’t take this pain, don't know my left from my right, I fight with the days and struggle with the nights. I know the rest of my life will only get tougher, because losing a Mother is a loss like no other. <<<< Eleation Above Status By Derrick D Pringle Sr.

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