Tuesday, December 13, 2016


You are the reason I do all I do, and you are the answer and the solution to the pain that always brewed, you are the evidence that love exist and you are the sight and reality I always missed, you are who I think of in my dreams and you are the reality that differs from what things seem, you are the answers to my prayers and you are God’s way of showing me he cares, you are my wisdom, my friend, you are the person I need to see at the end, you are all I didn’t believe, and you are a privilege like the air I breath.

You are my knowledge and you are my peace, you are my understanding and the person to who I release, you are the grace that comforts my soul, you are the beauty of my faith to which Ill never let go, you are the one that will always stay, even if it’s me that darkens your day, you are the light that shines my path and you are the addition in my life’s mass, you are my hope and part of my praise, you are so elegant in so many ways, you are the truth when the demons attack, and when I’m in trouble you are the one that has my back, you are my sacrifice and the person for who Ill give my life, you are a value that has no price.

You are unique, like the words I speak, you are the change that I am now, the opposite of what I use to be, you are my confidence and the choice for me to be better, you are the warmth I receive in the winter, you are my sweater, you are special and that’s a fact by far, you are the twinkle in my life and yes you are my star, you are bigger than my plans, like a lawyer passing the bar, you are worthy of all that’s pure, that’s who you are..

Written by Derrick Pringle Sr.
Copyright © 2013 Derrick Pringle Sr. All Rights Reserved

Elevation Above Status “Inspirations” Vol 1.Influenced by the experiences and the spiritual revelations of its author, and the belief of inspiring and educating humanity. By reading Elevation Above Status “inspirations”, The author is sure you will have a different outlook on life, greater spiritual connection with your soul, receive multiple confirmations on previous life experience conclusions and use many of the teachings in your everyday Activities.

In 2009, the President of Variable Enhancement Services founded and written a program called Elevation Above Status, designated towards uplifting spirits and giving individuals a better outlook on life, motivating their ability to make appropriate decisions pertaining to life's long accomplishments. In 2010 Derrick Pringle Sr. began to write what he know to become inspirational elevations. These elevations soon became the handbook issued to program members who suddenly became very enlightened by the lessons learned. Get your copy today!

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