Friday, September 21, 2018

Comforted With Peace © (Poem) By Derrick Pringle Sr


My mind has been conditioned to talk less and mostly pay attention, as the limitations desire to include me in its extensions; my spirit has no time for restrictions. There are more years behind me than in front, however I’m still focused and headed towards what I want. Obstacles tend to overwhelm my path, however, knowing I’m blessed, helps them pass. Because I am powerful, within the essence of the lord, today I live on a more electrifying cord. The greatest barrier in life was me, and now that it’s broken down, I’m finally living out my destiny.

What’s more important in my life has finally come to favor, and now I’ve disciplined myself to express greater behavior. Happiness and joy is a figure of speech to me, as I’ve mostly experienced a majority of agony. Pain has become my best friend, because it has also walked those horrible paths with me, till the end. It’s been there teaching and guiding me through the hardest moments in life, and has gave me the greatest lessons towards getting things right.

It’s because I love, and it’s because I care that I’ve went through excruciating challenges, and most of all it’s because of love that I’m still here. God asked; “How much do you want love?” Do you even know what it is?” I said. “Yes I do know what it is, as it is priceless and don’t have a designated position, although most of who I love, look for a reward and with their love, they construct a condition. Love doesn’t hurt, it makes you stronger, and it doesn’t make you feel as if, you don’t want to love any longer”.

God said, “Yes son, love is yours and you are love’s, as you sacrifice yourself for what has sacrificed,. Love is given, as I am, and you are, and it’s what remained when you were in the dark, pain is loves offspring, so you can be aware of what false love bring. You’ll always gain from pain and it will arrive in your time of need, assisting you through those times by helping you release.” As I listened, I sat with a sigh of relief, and my soul immediately became comforted with peace. Get Your Copy Today!

Written by Derrick Pringle Sr.
Copyright © 2018 Derrick Pringle Sr. All Rights Reserved

Influenced by the experiences and the spiritual revelations of its author, and the belief of inspiring and educating humanity. By reading Elevation Above Status “inspirations”, The author is sure you will have a different outlook on life, greater spiritual connection with your soul, receive multiple confirmations on previous life experience conclusions and use many of the teachings in your everyday Activities.

In 2009, the President of Variable Enhancement Services founded and written a program called Elevation Above Status, designated towards uplifting spirits and giving individuals a better outlook on life, motivating their ability to make appropriate decisions pertaining to life's long accomplishments. In 2010 Derrick Pringle Sr. began to write what he know to become inspirational elevations. These elevations soon became the handbook issued to program members who suddenly became very enlightened by the lessons learned. Get your copy today!

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